Devoti Finn Olympic


Olympic Devoti Finn D-Fantastica season II.

It is two years from the moment when new optimized Finn hull was launched. As usual, the new boat was expected with huge interest and expectation. "How can you get faster hull in a class regulated with so strict Class rules?" asked everybody with expectation of coming results. 

2016 Olympics in Rio was the challenge like no other.

D-Fantastica is the dominating boat in all races of the season followed by legendary Devoti Finn Classic.

Main Finn races of the season:

Europeans Barcelona----------------1,2 and 3 (8 Fantasticas of top 10)

Gold Cup Gaeta------------------------1,2 and 3 (9 Fantasticas of top 10)

Silver Cup Aarhus---------------------1,2 and 3 (7 Fantasticas of top 10)

Olympic Games Rio------------------1,2 and 3 (all Devoti and Fantasticas excl. one Classic)

Masters Torbole------------------------1,2 and 3 (top 8 Fantasticac of top 10)


And now we can proudly say - mission was completed without any doubts.


FINN Featuers


The Devoti Finn design has dominated the racing scene, winning every main championship in every corner of the world.


In the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Finn regattas nearly every boat was a Devoti Finn and all the medals were won by helsmen sailing the Devoti Finn.


Excellent cooperation with the world’s top Finn sailors has resulted in an innovative process of development and design where Devoti can work with the sailors to produce exactly what they need and want.


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